Systems integration

There is no point having all this awesome technology if your platforms don't talk to each other

It is flat-out rare to see a seamless integration across multiple systems. Your entire systems architecture needs to be a living, breathing beast that directly supports the processes that your humans need to be perform in order to reach your business objectives.

It’s nice to think that by licensing some of the newest software platforms out there, that we can integrate them seamlessly for all our business processes via APIs or Plugins. In our experience, that works in maybe 10% of cases (even less for larger corporates).

The ‘integration budget’ is the poor forgotten cousin to license fees or website development costs, but integration is truly where the magic happens!

If your systems are properly integrated to match the processes that your humans have to perform, then you’ll have all the following exciting benefits:

  • No duplication in tasks or processes
  • A single view of your customer, client or prospect
  • No conflicting data
  • Clear reporting and analytics – telling you exactly how your business is currently performing

Now chances are that you actually have some pretty scary systems in your digital architecture, you’ve invested a lot of money into those systems, and no matter how much we might advise you to move away from that system – you just can’t bring yourself to do it. No fear – we can also integrate those systems too. I’m not saying that we won’t shed a tear in the process, but perfection is possible.

If you’ve been too scared ’til now to reach out and ask for help with systems integration – get in touch today!